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5 Top Tips For Caring For Your Luxury Carpet Tiles

Carpet will always be one of the most popular flooring options for homeowners and commercial premises alike. Not only does it look sophisticated and beautiful (so perfect for making a great first impression as a business), but it also feels wonderful underfoot, which makes it ideal for use throughout the house.

 That being said, it’s important that you know how best to go about caring for your luxury carpet tiles so that they stand the test of time and you are able to continue enjoying your flooring investment for years to come.

 First of all, make sure that you have a robust cleaning schedule in place so that you’re vacuuming your carpets regularly. Once a week or so should be sufficient and, in doing so, you’ll prevent dirt and debris from becoming embedded in the fabric, which can lead to flattening and shorten the shelf-life of the product.

 Also make sure you focus more on those areas of the house that see a lot of traffic, as your carpets will soon start to show signs of wear and tear if you’re not more vigilant in this regard.

 Vigilance is also essential when it comes to spills and stains. Remember that the longer a spill sits there soaking into the carpet fibres, the harder you’ll find it to clean up afterwards.

 So as soon as an accident happens, spring into action as quickly as you can… although note that how you clean up will depend on what has been spilled - but we’ll tackle this particular issue in a future blog post!

 You may well also start to see a few snags appear in the carpet fibres over time and the best course of action here is not to pull at the thread. This will only make it worse. Instead, get your sharpest pair of kitchen scissors and clip the snag so that it lies evenly with the rest of the fibres.

 Generally speaking, however, carpeting is a very hard-wearing choice of flooring and with a little bit of tender loving care, your investment will last you for a very long time indeed.

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