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Best Flooring To Keep Your House Cool

Most of the time, us Brits complain about the cold weather, but over the last few years, we’ve been experiencing summers hotter than ever before. 

Therefore, it’s wise to make alterations in the house, such as changing the flooring, to keep us cooler during the warmer months. 

Last summer saw temperatures in the UK soar to the highest on record, peaking at 42C. The mercury has already exceeded 32C this June, and there are several weeks of the summer left for the weather to heat up some more. 

Replace carpets in hot rooms

The last thing you’ll want during long, hot muggy days is flooring that makes you feel even hotter, so it’s a good idea to ditch carpets in the warmest rooms of the house. 

Carpets are ideal during the winter, as the fibres trap in heat, while it also makes the room feel cosy. However, this is not what you want on scorching hot days.

Tile flooring

An alternative option is tile flooring, as this will feel very cool on your feet. This is why it is a top choice in Mediterranean homes, particularly in the kitchen when cooking on the stove raises the temperature even more. 

The great thing about tiles is heat transfers from your body to the floor, which lowers your temperature and makes your home more bearable to be in. 

If you’re considering getting tiled floor, the kitchen and the bathroom are the most popular options, as you might still want a cosier feel in other areas of the house. 


Another possibility is luxury vinyl flooring, as this is less expensive than tiled flooring and provides a softer landing for children when they fall over. 

This is a great choice, as it’s easy to clean, durable, and much cooler than carpet. 

While it helps keep the home cool in the summer, it also does not feel cold to walk on in winter. 


Owners of period properties might be tempted to strip back their carpet to reveal the original wood flooring underneath. Not only does this highlight its historic features, but it is also cooler than carpet. 

Wooden flooring, however, is not the best at helping to regulate the temperature of the home, as it is a heat retainer. This means it is a good option for the winter, though it is still able to keep some rooms slightly cooler in the summer. 

Laminated flooring

Alternatively, homeowners could opt for laminate flooring, as this looks just like real wood, but it does not retain heat. However, it does not feel too cool in colder months, so it provides a happy medium. 

It is also a popular choice for any room, from kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms, and comes in a huge variety of shades and styles. 

In addition to this, it does not require regular maintenance, such as sanding, like wooden floors, and can be significantly cheaper to install. 

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