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Discover The Brilliance of Brockway Carpets

If you are looking online for a carpet, there are many great choices on offer, especially on our website.

Among the leading brand names we stock is Brockway, a maker with a great history and quite possibly a role to play in your home’s future, as the provider of a carpet that will offer you comfort and luxury for many years to come.

The defining characteristic of Brockway is its wool carpets. It has been making them since the 1960s and, like many other carpet makers, has its headquarters in Kidderminster.

It aims at the luxury market and is focused on environmentally friendly production processes. These include being effluent-free and using biodegradable polymers instead of latex for carpet backing.

As chairman Charles Annable puts it: “Our expert craftsmen and women have excellence at the heart of everything they do and take great pride in using only the finest wool.” 

One of its ranges uses a particularly special wool indeed, which comes from the Herdwick, a famously hardy breed of sheep most commonly found in Cumbria. Its toughness and very warm wool make it ideally suited to withstand the often harsh conditions in the most mountainous area of England.

Herwicks have been recorded as grazing the high fells since the 12th century and it is no surprise they are so well established, since they can graze the rough, high fells in a way other sheep cannot.

They also have the very convenient capacity of learning where their territory is and not wandering off, which is good news considering how remote some Lake District valleys can be.

At the same time, their grazing helps preserve the wonderful landscape as we know it today, having once been far more tree-covered and lacking many of its modern characteristics such as drystone walls and open hillsides with grand views.

Therefore, when people buy Herdwick products, they are keeping the Cumbrian hill farms going and helping preserve the landscape in a completely organic way. This means that by using 100 per cent Herdwick wool in its carpets, Brockway is helping protect one of Britain’s most treasured environments.

Indeed, Brockway has a strong association with British Wool and the Campaign for Wool, helping to support hill farming across the UK’s uplands and the use of domestic wool in carpets.

However, it is not just the Cumbrian fells that look better thanks to Brockway. Your home will feel better too as this superb, tough wool gives your carpet a comfortable feel and endures for many years thanks to its heard-wearing nature.

A Brockway carpet will help provide one of the best examples of the virtues of wool carpets. Not only are they durable, but they are fire-resistant due to their high moisture and nitrogen content, improve the air quality by absorbing moisture and are very resistant to problems like mould, mildew and dust mites.

These are all good reasons to go for a wool carpet. Add to that the high quality and environmental commitments of Brockway and you have a combination that, like a Herdwick on a fell top, stands high above so many others.

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