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Do You Need Underlay With Vinyl Flooring?

Homeowners tend to have a lot of questions when making interior design decisions, and one of the most common is whether they need underlay when fitting luxury vinyl tiles

The short answer to this is ‘no’, as vinyl has developed significantly over the last few years and has plenty of cushion itself to do away with the need for an extra layer underneath. 

Underlay is required when fitting carpets, as it helps soften the floor and makes it last longer by absorbing some of the impact. 

However, this is not the case for luxury vinyl, as it typically has a base layer, so it is not as thin as it used to be. 

This means as long as the floorboards underneath have been laid out smoothly, the floor will be comfortable enough to walk on. 

It is also durable so does not require an underlay to absorb the weight of people walking on it. 

Of course, the thicker the vinyl tiles you choose, the more cushioning it will have, making it more comfortable and long-lasting. 

However, there are times where underlay might be necessary even if you are installing luxury vinyl. For instance, homeowners may need a base layer if the ground underneath is uneven. 

If there are any bumps, slopes or dents in the floor, this will show up in the vinyl, which would mean the final look is not as polished as it could be. 

Additionally, if the house has problems with damp, it could be a sensible idea to get underlay to protect the flooring from the moisture. 

Other than this, underlay is not usually required with vinyl flooring, which means homeowners can save themselves money and use the extra cash for buying a floor they really love. 

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