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How To Get Dents And Spills Out Of A Carpet

If you buy from our carpet shop online, you will ensure you have a fine quality product that should grace your floor for many years, providing an attractive addition to your home that you can be proud of and enjoy.

However, even the finest and toughest of carpets can require some significant maintenance to ensure they enjoy a long life and retain the quality that prompted you to invest in them to begin with. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to tackle mishaps and also deal with problems that can arise out of longer-term situations, such as dents made by furniture.

There are some carpets we sell that are stain-proof. Such synthetic carpets may be very useful in situations where a carpet might suffer many spillages and potentially staining events, such as if you have children or pets - especially those prone to accidents of the toilet kind.

However, there are ways you can get stains out of any carpet. The first thing to do is get an absorbent cloth or similar to soak up whatever you have spilt. Many people will try to rub to get it out, but this is not the way; you should dab to soak it up. Rubbing can actually grind the stain in and make it harder to remove.

You can also clean stains using a little white vinegar in water. This is particularly effective on that most dreaded of stains, red wine on a pale carpet. 

After soaking with this mix and blotting, you can vacuum up the area, which will suck out the moisture. 

Above all, the key with stains is to act fast. The sooner you take action, the easier it is to get the stain out. Letting it dry is the worst thing you can do, as it will be so much harder to get out and might require professional cleaning.

Dealing with stains is about responding fast to a sudden event. Dealing with dents is a very different situation. At some point you may decide to rearrange or replace items of furniture and you will find divots left behind where a chair or table leg has compressed the carpet. Left untouched, this will sit like an ugly scar as a permanent reminder of your previous furnishing arrangements.

To undo this, there is a very simple trick. All you need is an ice cube

The way this works is simple. Place the ice cube in the dented area and let it melt slowly. This may take hours, but that is fine. What happens is that by soaking very slowly into the fibres, it will enable them to gradually absorb the meltwater and regain their springiness. The result will be that they rebound back to the height of the other fibres.

If you have a large dent, you can achieve the same effect by adding multiple ice cubes, as many as you need.

These kind of tips show that there are some very simple ways of dealing with stains and dents. It also goes to show that investing in a great carpet is something you can do for the long term in confidence, knowing it will not be permanently spoiled by the first mishap or left scarred when you decide to rearrange the furniture.

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