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Is Luxury Flooring Getting Bolder And Brighter?

Fashion is a cyclical concept, and nowhere is that clearer than in the world of luxury flooring.

Whilst the primary benefit of luxury carpet tiles is that areas with heavy traffic can easily have parts of the carpet replaced without having to purchase an entire roll, another benefit is that different trends and styles can easily be adopted without an overly expensive commitment.

For decades, office design has been dominated by the pursuit of design styles inspired by minimalism, and sleek offices with neutral shades, natural textures, metal accents and glass partitioning have become all but ubiquitous in office buildings designed in the last 25 years.

However, that trend might be changing, at least for some office buildings. One problem with minimalism, particularly when taken to its logical extremes is that it can be somewhat cold and uninviting to work in a largely featureless room devoid of anything for the eye to focus on.

This has led some building managers and companies, in an effort to reinforce their brand values and create a cosier atmosphere for their employees and clients, to start getting somewhat bolder with their design choices.

Carpet tiles are an ideal way for a company to take a tentative step towards this because a good first step is to opt for a chequerboard design. This combination of two different colours or patterns can be as simple as monochromatic black and white and as elaborate as one’s imagination dictates.

As well as this, the rise of luxury vinyl tile has brought with it an elaborate range of different textures, colours and size options, with shades of blue in particular starting to supersede beige and other neutral shades when it comes to patterns.

Giving office buildings and business locations added character is increasingly vital for companies that want to encourage people who had spent the last several years predominantly working from home to return to central locations.

Creating a place with character, warmth and interest for employees to return to is something that can make a potentially major impact.

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