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The Wonderful Variety Of Cormar Carpets

Every household will have its own flooring requirements. Some homes have rooms that are used relatively infrequently, while others are busy. Some may have a lot of visitors, children or pets. That means that while some may be fine with carpets that look nice and don’t need to be particularly hard-wearing, others require very robust floor coverings.

This is one of the reasons that Cormar Carpets is among the ranges we stock. The firm produces a wide array of different products, from wool carpets for comfort and luxury to easy clean surfaces for those busy rooms that get lots of stains and spillages.

Arising out of a 1920s textiles firm based in Lancashire, the company became Cormar in 1956 when it pioneered a new technique of tufted carpet. Still operating in Rossendale and nearby Ramsbottom, the firm has gradually expanded, including a new distribution centre in Hertfordshire, and won numerous awards for the quality of its products.

The range of products is particularly notable because there are designs for every room, be it a living room where comfort matters, or stairs where being hard-wearing is the first requirement of any carpet.

If you love a warm, cosy wool carpet, Cormar has been producing these for decades and our stock of their products reflects this. These are wonderful to sink your feet into on a cold winter’s day and provide lots of relief for tired feet in the evenings.

Should your priority be easily cleaned carpets, there are Cormars designed for that too. Rather than wool, these are made from polypropylene, a synthetic material that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. This is ideal for a carpet that could otherwise be stained by anything from a spilled glass of wine to dropped food or an ‘accident’ by a pet.

The range and variety we stock from this brand should ensure that you have lots of choices to find a carpet that suits your needs every time.

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