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Why An Abingdon Carpet Is Absolutely Awesome

Mention the name Abingdon to some, and they won’t have even heard of it. Others might know it is a town on the banks of the Thames in Oxfordshire that used to be in Berkshire, but not think any more of it.

However, to do that would be to talk as if Axminster is just a small town in Devon. For just as the latter is famous for its rugs, an Abingdon carpet is something everyone should consider for their home.

Abingdon Carpets was born out of the Royal Wilton Carpet Company in 1967. Based in the town, its products were so popular and successful that it subsequently established further plants in south Wales and West Yorkshire, moving out of Abingdon itself in 1982. While parent company Carpets International went into administration in 2003, a management buyout ensured Abingdon kept going.

Householders can choose from three main ranges of Abingdon carpet. The synthetic Stain Free range offers various colours with guaranteed complete protection against any stains, making it ideal for those with pets and kids, or who like a glass of wine.

The Wilton Royal Range offers cosy wool carpets, continuing a tradition that has been in place for centuries and ensuring that the same comfort on offer centuries ago is still available now. Natural wool is not just warm and attractive; it also offers resilience and long-lasting toughness. It’s a reminder that wool is great. After all, millions of sheep can’t be wrong. 

Finally, there’s the Love Story Range. Super soft and leach cleanable, in this case it’s the flooring you’ll fall in love with.

These modern marvels show why Abingdon remains a top carpet manufacturer, one established for several decades in its own right but the inheritor of traditions that date back centuries. Don’t buy a carpet for your home without first checking out what they can offer.

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