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Why Carpet Tiles Are The Best Of Both Worlds In The Office

As most people who have worked in a fast-moving workplace can attest, there are few places where a carpet takes more punishment than in an office.

The combination of a fast-moving high-traffic environment with employees frequently moving from workstation to workstation, alongside a range of bad habits from dropped chewing gum, coffee spills and food crumbs means that a carpet in an office often needs to be more robust than most.

Even then, and with a robust cleaning schedule, office carpets tend to not last as long as those in other buildings, requiring a combination of hard-wearing materials and regular deep cleaning sessions.

However, there is a solution to both of these issues in the form of luxury carpet tiles, that can save a business both time and money in the long term.

Carpet tiles provide the same comfortable underfoot as a standard roll, but they require far less maintenance and are significantly cheaper to both buy and install.

As is suggested by the name, carpet tiles are bought in squares rather than rolls, which means that if a carpet square gets too damaged it can simply be swapped out.

It also allows for far more variation when it comes not only to colour but also to texture and design, allowing for interesting pattern mixes and collages in a working space.

They also make it far easier to rebrand, as rather than having to remove the entire carpet when the brand’s colour scheme changes, it is a simple matter of removing the required tiles and replacing them with a completely new look.

There is also less waste when used in unconventionally shaped rooms, as only a small number of tiles need to be cut to size rather than the entire roll, and replacing these tiles is a similarly trivial job that can be undertaken by professionals or as a DIY job if you prefer.

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