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Why Your Next Carpet Should Be Abingdon

When choosing a carpet, many people will overlook the maker and simply choose something which fits their needs. However, finding a good quality carpet manufactured by a company that prides themselves on quality will make all the difference.

Abingdon Carpets date back to 1957 when John Viney saw an opportunity to expand his family business. Already working with furniture and textiles, he decided to branch into flooring as well.

Abingdon grew in popularity over the course of the next ten years and soon became one of the most renowned carpet manufacturers in the country. Today, Abingdon is the largest independent carpet manufacturer in the whole of the UK.

From 1957 to 1967, Abingdon Carpets multiplied their sales, making £10 million in the first ten years. As years went on, more and more carpets were created, including the original ‘stain free’ carpet in 1987. This particular carpet remains popular to this day.

The stain-free carpets come with a lifetime guarantee that they will remain free from household stains. With special technology used in the production process to ensure that stains do not soak into the fabric.

This shows a dedication to customer satisfaction. Not only do they provide a lifetime stain-free guarantee, but they also come with a wear guarantee for up to 15 years. Abingdon are confident their carpets will remain top quality for over a decade.

Aside from a rich and profitable history, Abingdon has remained a strong favourite among consumers due to the incredible quality of the goods they produce.

All carpets are produced in the UK, making them a local business. The carpets are entirely made within one warehouse. From staining to production and distribution.

This shows a dedication to quality control and allows them to best monitor the goods they produce to ensure they are consistently making the best carpet they can.

Not only are the carpets durable and easy to clean, but they are also incredibly soft and comfortable. Often when choosing a carpet you will be left to decide between durability and comfort, however Abingdon provides both.

They also aim to be a sustainable company. Sustainability is incredibly important today to help preserve and protect our planet. By using processes which help to lower carbon emissions and cut waste, Abingdon is showing they care for the planet.

Abingdon has consistently shown that they are the best company for the job and their carpets are perfect for the modern household. They retain colour, are easy to clean and are durable and hardwearing.

This makes them incredibly popular for those with young families and pets. Buying a carpet that can withstand daily life while still staying in impeccable condition is a great investment.

With all carpets coming in a wide array of colours and with many different kinds to choose from, you are sure to find one which suits your needs both practically and stylistically.

Whether you are looking for pale neutrals to create the perfect base for any room or bold brights to make a statement, Abingdon will have a carpet for you.


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